Finally, I am back with my blog

Finally, I am back with my blog

The wait is over to read my blog. No, I'm not talking about you, I'm talking about me. I was seeking for long time to read my own blog which could exists once, but I made a factory reset in it few months ago. You know, sometimes to throw the trash out, you have to throw the house itself. Make no sense right? This is how I am, Sachin Artani.

You can Google me, if you don't know about me, but hey, even Google redirect you here. So, better be here, I let you know many thing about me.

Let me brief you a short story about this domain

Once upon a time, my blog was at homepage. There used to be many posts including online games link, code of TAD, WordCamp posts and a course I made to teach people how to create a free website in minutes with WordPress.

The games were Miniclip games which were around 200 in count and the course was awesome. Actually, it is awesome. Many of the students who have enrolled to course, asked me to update the course. That time, the course link was -

But because of a lot of trash in my house, I shuffle the house and made it clean.

Now, the course is in my brother's site, i.e. Traffic Solder

You can enroll the course and enjoy making your own website in minutes.

Now, talking about why I am back with the blog and why it took so long to come back is, because this blog is entirely coded by me.

The development is still on going and it took a while to create it, that's why, I came back after some time.

Well, now I am back with my blog. So, get ready because I will be posting like hell here.

Till then, see you! 

Sachin Artani
I am a Passionate Web Developer who loves scrapping knowledge from everywhere I can reach.