Google Word Coach: A Fast and Interactive Way of Learning English

Google Word Coach: A Fast and Interactive Way of Learning English


I was using a Vocabulary Builder app to learn new words. To practice with words, I often open Google Translator and try to make a few sentences with that word. During the practicing, once I encountered with Google Word Coach. When I tried it, I couldn't control myself and keep going on and learned the meaning, synonym, and antonym of around 50 words.

What is Google Word Coach?

Google Word Coach is a kind of game designed for users who would like to improve their vocabulary. It started appearing on Google Search from February 2018. You can see it when you opened Google Translator box or Dictionary on the search page itself. Or if you search for Google Word Coach.

word meaning

Above screenshot is taken by me. When I used Google Translator to search for a word, Word Coach appeared automatically below to it. I also tried to Google the term Google Word Coach and found this -

google word coach

It is available only on mobile phones because the real fun of learning comes only when we are using mobile.

How Does It Work?

A question will appear to ask meaning, synonym or opposite of a word with two options given. Based on what you choose, you get the score. For every five questions, it asks you to play more. Not only the score helps you to engage more into this, but you way it teaches you the meaning of each word also attracts you to play it more.
Though there are more ways of improving your vocabulary, Google knows what's best for you.

Thanks for Reading :)