SEOCMS: An SEO Oriented Blog

SEOCMS: An SEO Oriented Blog


During the vacations at my home, I spent days doing coding, rather than Eat, Sleep and Watching movies. Once I got around three weeks time to enjoy and it was just the second day of my vacation. I was planning to waste those vacations by simply Eating, Sleeping and doing nothing, but I couldn't do it. My hormones stopped me from doing nothing and thus I developed SEOCMS.

SEOCMS is an SEO friendly CMS made so that a blog can ranks at the speed of light on any of the search engines.

A Brief History of SEOCMS

In the last semester of my Bachelor of Engineering, I bought a PHP based Content Management System to show as a major project. I was doing freelancing, so I did not have time to make a project, so my team-members decided to buy. It was a poor blog and had so many flaws. My heart was pushing me to develop something. Instead of modifying that CMS, I thought to create a new and better one.

I started to gather the needs to create the database and start coding on it. I shared this thought with my younger brother. He suggested me that better add some additional functionalities in it, than making a simple blog. Thus, he suggested me to create an SEO friendly blog. A blog which will have all the features of SEO, such that we do not need to worry for HTML tags for SEO much.

The blog has to be made in such a way that the end-user need not to look at even a single line of code ever. From the installation of SEOCMS to the creation of an SEO friendly blog post, he could do anything by just click and type.

So, I started working on it. From morning breakfast at 11:30 AM to my second dinner at 2 AM, I used to work passionately. Soon, I created a blog which has enough power to rank on a search engine within days. Though I got no time to complete it and there were some compatibility issues which were taking too much time to resolve, so I left them and moved on.

A stable version of SEOCMS is created using Froala Editor and CKEditor by me. And this blog itself is SEOCMS only. If you want to try the demo of SEOCMS, I have uploaded it in the URL -

Features of SEOCMS

  • Add Unlimited Categories and Users
  • Automatic database setup with the installation script
  • Responsive for Mobile and Laptop/PC
  • Secure with JS and backend side
  • Add images in post content easily
  • Manage the SEO of the whole website without touching a single line of code
  • Keyword research
  • Find backlinks URL metrics and Link metrics of any website
  • Inbuilt Webmaster Tools


You can try the demo of SEOCMS by clicking here. I have not shared the code live, because the project is still in progress. I will try to upload the code soon. Till the time, please try the features, don't spam in the project and let me know your view about it in comments.

Thanks For Reading :)