Don't Curse Life And Be Happy With What You Have

Don't Curse Life And Be Happy With What You Have


Just like any other Human being, for survival, I have also done a lot of struggle and doing so. On the way to the door of success, I made a lot of friends - Sacrifice, Compromise, Loneliness, Insomnia, Headache, Feelings and many more. But to be honest, all came to my life only to teach something. No one comes in your life for nothing. Despite born poor, I don't curse my life and be happy with what I have.

As Bill Gates said - "If you are born Poor it's not your mistake, but if you die poor it's your mistake". We human follow the Waterfall Model of SDLC, where we decide something to do, start doing that and eat the fruit whether it's bitter or sweet. We can't undo what we have done, thus we move on and be better for the next challenge in our life.

Let me share the joy-n-sorrow tale with a combo of fortunes and misfortune and leave it on you to decide whether to be happy with that or cry.

I had apathy with my studies. I did not like to go to school. It's my 10th grade who made me the person I am today. I knew nothing before passing 12th and couldn't even utter an English sentence properly till the 3rd year of my Engineering. But the boy who never expected to studies his Bachelor of Engineering out of his town had done his graduation 300 km away from his home. The boy who never expected to join the company during Engineering worked on the full-time night shift in his last semester. The boy who never expected to move ahead of Bhopal, went to Mumbai and then to Bangalore to make his future bright. I am that guy who hasn't start working on any of the projects yet but traveled thrice on the plane for free by company. And I think my life is a mess. I have learned more than anyone, but doing nothing here. But in reality, I must be the happiest person, who got this many things. Thank god for the things you got.

Most often in our life, "We get what we deserve, not what we desire". So, if you want the desired output, you must be deserving first. I was good at mathematics (I and my cousin Sandeep didn't think like that, but others did). After passing 10th, I knew that I am roughly deserving to get the score I desire in Mathematics. So, after every maths exam, I used to guess my marks as a final result, and believe it or not, I used to get the almost same result. I thought of getting 84/100 in Maths in 11th, I got 84. I thought of making a century in the 12th but couldn't do it. Before finishing the exam, I finalized the score with 99/100 and I was sure about it, but when I came out of examination hall, I got to know that the paper we gave was leaked and it will be re-scheduled. Next time, I guess for 95 or 96, and I got 95. See, it was always roughly close. There was a minor struggle I did not do to get what I desire and I got what I deserve.

In your life also, you have gone through a lot, been through a lot, and probably cursing yourself for not getting what you desire. I just want to say to push a little harder for a while and see how the words desire and deserve will bring the same fruit you love to eat. Till then, be happy that you are making progress because the situation and condition you are in is much better than you were before. Don't curse life and be happy with what you have.