The Purpose of Life is to live It

The Purpose of Life is to live It


When we are born, we are feeded with a lot of goals to achieve. Some of them are decided by our parents, some of them are decided by us by looking at a temporary idol at that particular time. As we grow up and get mature, we start finding our true purpose of life. That's where we start living a lost life.

"The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Can anyone really find the purpose of life?

Well, I started questioning myself the same for quite a long time; a few year actually. The outcome was none, the question still persists unanswered. Someone said might be in a movie that all our answers are already infront of us, we just need to look into it that way. The same goes for the purpose of life. We do not need to find it because we already know it.

You may have heard of late Sindhutai Sakpal. She wanted to pursue education and to become something of her own through higher studies, but life took a very different turn in her life. She had to marry someone twice of her age and settle down. It was impossible for a girl to pursue her career in an educated field after marry, so she dropped her goals and move on. Her father was her inspiration to become what she became later.

The unexpected turns her life took made her think that there is nothing left in this world to do, but she had her daughter, an another life to take care of. She expressed - "Since I became an orphan, I saw the suffering of orphans" which is when she made her purpose of life to provide shelters and a bright future to thousands of orphans. She made her purpose of life instead of keep looking it.

Sindhitai Sakpal Purpose of life

We can also take out the point from her motivational story that a courageous step has to be taken in life which could change your life completely. That turning decision of your life makes your purpose of life.


I question myself for my existence in this world and am still wonder; not because I am trying to find the purpose, but because I am trying to understand what of these is my purpose of life which I am already doing. To know what's your purpose, don't look around, but look at what you used to do to get pleasure of life, what you are doing right now to get pleasure of life. The utmost definition of purpose is -

A reason to seek newer and richer experience 🙂

Thanks for reading!